Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Cars for the Cure held?2018-07-19T10:14:04-04:00

The American Lung Association’s Cars for the Cure is held at the beautiful Colonial TownPark outdoor shopping and restaurant center in Lake Mary, FL.  The address is950 Market Promenade Avenue Lake Mary, FL 32714.

What time is the festival?2018-07-19T10:15:55-04:00

The festival begins at 11:00am and will end at 4:00pm

What is the cost to attend the event for spectators?2018-07-19T10:21:31-04:00

This event is FREE and open to the public, and is fun for the entire family

What happens if the weather does not cooperate?2018-07-19T10:22:56-04:00

While we try to control most things with this event, one thing we cannot control is the weather.  The American Lung Association will make every effort to hold the event on the advertised date.  However, if rain or severe weather come up in the forecast, registrants and sponsors will be notified within 24 hours of the event and informed of the emergency contingency plan

If I’ve entered my car, can I leave the show early?2018-07-19T10:20:09-04:00

No, for the safety of attendees and crowd control, vehicles must remain present for the duration of the show.

I entered my car into the show. What time will the judging occur, and who is judging my vehicle? Do I need to be present for judging? What time are the awards?2018-07-19T10:18:20-04:00

Judging occurs between 11:00am-2:00pm.  In order for a vehicle to be judged, entrants must have the placard provided at registration clearly visible on their dashboard.  The judging panel is made up of volunteer vehicle experts who have graciously donated their time to assist the American Lung Association.  Registrants do not need to be physically present with their vehicle for the judging.  Judges will place a colored sticker on the placard to indicate the car has been inspected.  Awards will be given out at approximately 3:00 pm.

How can I find out more information?2018-07-19T15:24:19-04:00

Please contact the American Lung Association office

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